SMALL BARN - $760 

A small quiet barn feeling with all the perks of a large farm.​

Sherwood Forest Equestrian Center strives to provide as relaxed and enriching a living situation for our horses. Natural behavior is encouraged with long turnouts, for healthy digestive activity and provides room for horses to move and play for a healthy mind and body.


The small barns are some of the older buildings on the property that were already built when the main part of the barn and arenas were built. They are located behind the blue barn and manager's house, tucked into a grove of evergreen trees that provide cover from the summer sun and from winter rain. A large group pasture sits right behind the barns for easy access to turnouts. Graveled and groomed paths lead to the backfield, main barn and indoor area as well as to the outdoor arena and round pen.


  • Two barns with 4 12'x14' stalls each, with rubber matted floors, automatic waters, and feed buckets

  • Stalls cleaned daily, 7 days a week

  • Turnout 7 days a week in group pastures or individual paddocks

  • Horses are fed three feedings each day

  • High quality Eastern Oregon hay

  • Choice of a variety of grains, owner provided supplements and medications fed with meals

  • Grooming areas in each barn

  • One locking tackroom attached to barn

  • Large sliding doors to provide ventilation in summer; closing to contain heat in winter

  • Open fronts help with ventilation and vertical bars on doors allow horses to socialize without full contact with neighbors